Atlantis Enhanced Relief Globe

  • 30cm (12") blue ocean globe ball
  • Physical mapping
  • Full circle meridian frame
  • Can rotate on 2 axes
  • Up-to-date highly detailed cartography with over 4000 place names
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Atlantis Globe

The Atlantis Desk Globe with Blue Ocean is a truly unique 12-inch (30cm) "World Ocean" kids globe with specially enhanced tactile features such as raised and indented relief. This is the only globe available with indented relief to show areas where oceans are exceptionally deep. This globe also has the most accentuated raised relief available.

Land areas are in true-to-life colour to illustrate mountains, deserts as well as forest and grassland regions. Oceans on the Atlantis globe ball show undersea physical features in rich colouring. This physical mapping together with the country boundaries and detailed place name information that are also shown adds extra value to this advanced globe that will appeal to every explorer and geographer.

This specialist globe also features gyro-matic mounting with a numbered full-swing meridian that makes it easier to view any area of the world. This globe also features a time dial so that time zones can be calculated.

Comes fully assembled.

More Information
Price £100.00
Color Blue
Meridian Type Standard Metal Meridian
Illumination No
Raised Relief Yes
Size Standard (12")