Forum Designer Globe

  • 40cm (16") diameter globe
  • Iron stand
  • Highly detailed map with over 4000 place names
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Forum Designer Globe with Antique Globe Ball

Designed by Tom Torrens

Tom Torrens is a sculptor, working primarily with metals. He is based in Washington, USA. Tom's works have been exhibited in over 800 Galleries in the United States. His works have also been exhibited in Japan, Italy, France, Germany, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, Mexico, South America, and Canada

About This Globe

In 1998 Tom Torrens licensed several globe designs to our premium manufacturer, Replogle Globes, and as a consultant designer, he plays an active role in the handmade techniques of these designs to this day.

"I focus on developing uniquely classic-contemporary designs to fit many interior styles. Each of my creations are reminiscent of many proven design themes. I find inspiration in the ancient forms of Asian art, the style of Frank Lloyd Wright's work, and the sculpture of Alexander Calder." Tom Torrens

Since ancient times, the column has stood as a functional and decorative standard. This all-metal globe base is reminiscent of that form, yet it is crafted to reflect modern design. It has three round black-metal legs that are supported and capped by tiered discs wrought from the same steel.

The political antique globe ball has over 4,000 place names, and each country is defined by subtle colours. Famous explorers have been commemorated with pictures of their ships and dates of their voyages.


  • Up-to-date cartography
  • Antique ocean globe with Political mapping
  • Replogle Cartography designed by K. M. Dzurny

Map Detail

  • Antique ocean colour giving a classic feel to the globe.
  • Over 4000 place names.
  • Antique Ocean globe.
  • Clear country boundaries.
  • Includes illustrations of ships on famous voyages and explorers along with the dates.

Base & Meridian

  • Rustic finished iron stand.
  • Antique style metal meridian.
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Price £550.00
Color Antique
Illumination No
Raised Relief Yes
Size Large (13"+)