National Geographic Gold Classic Illuminated Globe

  • 30cm (12") diameter globe
  • Available in both illuminated and non-illuminated versions
  • Highly detailed map with over 2000 place names
  • Solid beech wooden base
  • Antique style metal meridian with die-cast numbers
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Not made in China
Why is this important?
Cartography that is printed on globes exported from China may show manipulated land borders and island territories that are not recognised by the United Nations and western countries. China subsidise globe manufacturing to make them cheaper to buy and this is used to increase China's 'soft power'.

We only supply globes with cartography that is printed in Europe or the United States which accurately reflect our world.


The Gold Classic globe is one of the latest series of globes to feature National Geographic cartography. Over 2,000 place names are included. The text is clear and each country is given a different colour with a darker tone around the borders to accentuate the political mapping. In the oceans, undersea trenches and basins are named with arrows indicating major ocean currents. Shading is used to represent ocean depths.

The Gold Classic globe has a gun-metal style, die-cast metal meridian and a turned solid beech base, ensuring that this traditional globe will enhance any room or office setting.

Available in illuminated or non-illuminated versions. Mains operated.

Map Cartography
Up-to-date National Geographic cartography.
Highly detailed map with over 2000 place names and pieces of information.
Blue Ocean style globe. Also available in Antique Ocean.
Politically mapped with clear country borders.

Base & Meridian
Solid Beech wooden base
Antique style metal meridian with diecast numbers.

About National Geographic
The National Geographic Society has been inspiring people to care about the planet since 1888. It is one of the largest non-profit scientific and educational institutions in the world. Its interests include geography, archaeology and natural science, the promotion of environmental and historical conservation. The National Geographic Society has made a major contribution to our knowledge of the world and has opened a new window for us to learn about our planet. National Geographic supports long term exploration projects of many scientists and many of the great ground-breaking discoveries of the last century have been founded and sponsored by National Geographic.

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Color Blue
Illumination Yes
Raised Relief No
Size Standard (12")