• 22.5cm (9”) diameter globe
  • Antique ocean colour ball
  • Includes a Thermometer, Barometer, and Hyrometer
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Highly functional, endlessly fascinating and very handsome. The 9” (22.5cm) diameter globe ball of the Weatherwatch is made using traditional techniques and features the popular raised relief, revealing the world's main mountain ranges in a tactile way. It has an up to date map with over 4,000 place names and pieces of information. The cartographer has also included illustrations of historical vessels and their sailing routes to add extra interest to the up to date map.

Three precision weather instruments - thermometer, barometer, and hygrometer - lend beautiful utility to the wooden cube base of the Weatherwatch globe. Brass-plated inclination mounting and finial accent complete this unique piece.

This globe is made in the USA using recycled and recyclable materials.

More Information
Price £200.00
Color Antique
Meridian Type No Meridian
Illumination No
Raised Relief Yes
Size Small (9-10")