Crystal Marquise Silver Globe

  • 30cm (12") diameter globe
  • Transparent ocean with silver land mass
  • Stainless steel axis base
  • Up-to-date cartography
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Not made in China
Why is this important?
Cartography that is printed on globes exported from China may show manipulated land borders and island territories that are not recognised by the United Nations and western countries. China subsidise globe manufacturing to make them cheaper to buy and this is used to increase China's 'soft power'.

We only supply globes with cartography that is printed in Europe or the United States which accurately reflect our world.


Crystal Marquise Silver

The Crystal Marquise is a stunningly beautiful example of the very best in contemporary globe design.

The transparent 12" globe ball with silver continents looks different in every setting as it takes on the colours and appearance of its surroundings and reflects light differently according to where in a room it is placed. This ensures that the owner can take a fresh look at their globe time and time again as they experiment with new settings.

The cartographer has included all country names, Capital cities and major place names. Country names are shown in red, Capital cities marked with a star and major cities denoted by a circle. To add further interest and appeal, the globe ball is bisected by a unique polished stainless steel axis base.

The Crystal Marquise globe has true, timeless beauty.

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Stock Status In Stock
Price £165.00
Colour Coloured
Meridian Type No Meridian
Illumination No
Raised Relief No
Size Standard (12")