Da Vinci Blue Dust Italian Globe Bar

  • 40cm (16") diameter globe
  • Genuine Italian bar globe made in Rimini, Italy
  • 18th century old-world mapping
  • Globe ball fits up to 4 bottles and up to 9 glasses
  • Solid hardwood legs
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Not made in China
Why is this important?
Cartography that is printed on globes exported from China may show manipulated land borders and island territories that are not recognised by the United Nations and western countries. China subsidise globe manufacturing to make them cheaper to buy and this is used to increase China's 'soft power'.

We only supply globes with cartography that is printed in Europe or the United States which accurately reflect our world.


The Da Vinci globe bar was produced with no compromise on style and is a fine example of Italian craftsmanship. Based on a hand-drawn 18th century map, the Da Vinci bar globe is ideal for any environment and great as a centerpiece for any room. The 40cm diameter globe ball is sufficient to house at least 2 bottles (average 4) and approximately 9 glasses. Additional bottles can be stored on the unique lower base shelf decorated with a beautiful wind rose, perfectly harmonious with the Zodiac illustration around its equatorial line.

"Nature is the source of all true knowledge. She has her own logic, her own laws, she has no effect without cause nor invention without necessity." (Leonardo da Vinci)

  • A reproduction of a hand drawn 18th century map.
  • A vintage feel from the 18th century old world mapping.
  • Text hand drawn in Latin adding to the classic feel of the globe.
  • Beautifully illustrated 18th century map detail.
  • Features illustrations of ships on the oceans.

Some assembly required. Please Note : glasses and bottles are not supplied with this bar globe.

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Colour Blue
Size Large (13"+)