Frequently Asked Questions

What does 'raised relief' mean?
Raised Relief is a sought-after feature available on many of our globes.
The worlds main mountain ranges appear as bumps on the globes surface which allow you to interact with the globe in a tactile way.
This feature is usually reserved for non-illuminated paper-based cartography globes on fibreboard spheres but there are some premium exceptions.
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What are the benefits of a globe over a map?
The Earth is a 3 dimensional object - a sphere. A map is a 2 dimensional object and therefore cannot accurately represent the Earth - it's like asking to display a triangle as a square!
Maps therefore have to make compromises. Different projections make different compromises. One of the most famous and widely-used projections is the Mercatore projection. This projection makes Greenland and Africa appear a similar size whereas Africa is in fact 14 times larger!
What is it important globes aren't made in China?

Globes exported from China are legally required to show cartography with manipulated land borders and island territories that are not recognised by the United Nations and western countries. The manufacture of these globes is subsidised by the Chinese Government to make them cheaper to buy.

We only sell globes with cartography printed in Europe or the United States which accurately reflect our world.